What good is life it it's not well used?

Last night I went over to Brian’s house for a party dealie. Apparently it was his birthday that exact day. Amazing coincidence isn’t it? Also coming over was Nelson, Kyle, and Adam. Well, Nelson and Kyle came, but Adam seemed to have gone… amiss. We’re still not sure on his where-abouts. Justin was supposed to come too, but he had to get up at 4 AM for a flight to Florida. The pansy. I stay up until 4 AM all the time. Eh, what choo gonna do? Nelson brought over some game called Navy Seals, SoCom, which was fairly kickass. It uses this headset to yell out commands to your team members, who respond through the headset. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out the TV too, so it just looks like you’re yelling at yourself. And there was no command to take a suicide pill, which I was VERY dissapointed about. After that Kyle arrived him and Nelson played some Magic………….. After that intense match we went out to play some basketball on 8 foot rims with Brian’s little brother. Kyle kept heckling him about his progress as a man. Not too much response from his little brother, but I wouldn’t talk to Kyle either. Later, on Jay Leno we watched Point, What’s Your Point, which was basically a contest of who was the stupidest person on the face of the earth. After that some sleep was had, and when I awoke I hooked up the trusty N64 and played some Bond. I’m still stuck in the past, but I do own a Dreamcast. Well, not me personally, but it’s in my possesion. Anywho, I left at 11:30 to ride my bike to a soccer game (win, 3-1). Twas a good night.