Turkey sandwich's are good.

Today was a good day, first off because I didn’t have to go to church. I’m not sac-religious or anything, I’d just much rather either sleep in, or just wake up… and still not have to go anywhere, and be able to eat breakfast. Which in this household is a rarity, because neither of my parents eat breakfast. Anyway, after bumbling around the house for awhile, my sister arrives. I’m a bit confused for a few seconds, then I’m reminded that I was supposed to help her move today. Which totally throws off my plans for the Oakwood Battle of the Bands, and not to mention the Polen Farm easter egg hunt (Travis said they had crack in them). After we moved various large pieces of furniture both up and down flights of stairs I call up Nelson to see if he and his sister would like to accompany my sister and I to a baseball game. Well, his sister is still sleeping, but Nelson could go, which is fine with me. So off we go to Fifth Third Field. After 6 innings of 1 hit baseball we decided to ditch the game and maybe go to Gem records or something. But instead we made a deal with my sister, that if we washed her car she would buy us candy from Meijer and ice cream from Dairy Queen. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. So we happily washed her (bird shitted up) car, then bought a pound of candy each. Preceding that we dropped Nelson off, then prepared for the hour drive to Cincinnati. It was an easy trip down, and included a stop for some Smart Water and Nestea. We get to my sisters new apartment and unload her stuff, then tried to cram it all into her minuscule room. Apparently she could have had a larger room, but she didn’t want to be on the same floor as my other sister’s cats, and she liked the sweet windows. So there you have it. After that we walked to Dewey’s Pizza, ate myself some schoom pizza, and life was good.