Horseradish=Bitter Herbs

Tonight my family and I celebrated the holy night of Passover. Matzoh was had, not to mention Matzoh Ball soup. Which I used to enjoy, until I found out that it was just soggy, concentrated bread balls. But I ate it anyway, to appease to my dad. (New word I just learned in Social Studies). Of course we had the… traditional sedar. That is, if you consider this traditional. Sure it’s missing a few things, but the soul is there. Anyway, the prayers were said and doors were left open for Elijah. Unfortunately we forgot to leave a chair for him, and I’m not sure if he’s capable of opening a screen door… Oh well, he’ll just have to come proclaim the coming of the savoir some other day. It was a good night of healthy Jewish tradition, and I was sure to have my cheat sheet ready.