MST3000 returns!

After Jazz Band today I walked around for a while with Chris because we got out about half an hour early. We saw Chris’s mom at the middle school, so we figured she could give us I ride home saving us about a mile and a half walking time. Long story short, she couldn’t leave, I didn’t want to leave, and my Mom got really angry at me for not being where I should have been. So, I was then forced to run some errands with her, but it did result in me eating a nice dinner at the Steak and Shake carryout. Post vanilla shake, I had movie night with the defunct Kettering S.T.A.N.D. (now Kettering Youth Council). Drinks were drank, popcorn was popped (not really, Gordon food service took care of that) and eaten, and zen was achieved. We watched Ocean’s 11, which is a great movie no matter what lame critics say about it. I told my mom we’d finish at 9. Unfortunately at 9:15 my mom comes marching in really super pissed. So I was lectured the whole ride home about my responsibilty toward people I rely on, at least until I can drive. Then we went and got pizza.