Someone get some Zoloft, quick!

I dragged my sorry self over to Nelson’s once again for a night of… weirdness. Early in the night Nelson teaches Daniel the ways of the magic. I stay out of the way, no problem. Freaks. Anyway, after that some NBA Street, Volume 2 was played. Amusing simply because Daniel spazzed out for some unapparent reason in the middle of the game. Crazy mexican. Later, some mad Pokemon was played. Comments to yourself please. As the night grew old weirness did in fact occur. (Yes that clock does read 6:44). Both Nelson and Brian are asleep, so Daniel and I decide to make fun of them while they can’t retaliate. I pull a pocketknife on Nelson. It was his pocketknife I think. That should be a lesson not to leave dangerous weapons lying around while I’m awake. Then Daniel has a little fun with Brian. Crude humor at it’s best. Or worst. You decide, I’m going to sleep.