Marathon for nothing.

Today was the High School Jazz Challange, and I, being a member of the Fairmont High School Jazz Band was to participate. We did pretty good, and I had a solo, but it all didn’t really matter because this band just made everyone look silly. It’s a school for the arts, what can you expect? They recieved awards for most outstanding soloist, and most outstanding band. Go figure… damn communist bastards. After all of the high schools were heard we got to hear from some professionals, which could have been nice… if they would play some actual jazz. Turns out this grammy award winning fruitcake has written more than enough songs showcasing the works of Sting and Prince. And there are not words that can express how stoned this man was. They called him back for the grand finale ‘1999’, and he was obviously too high to hear. Not many people stuck around for the end. I wouldn’t have either, could I drive.