You gonna eat your cornbread, boy?

I had a soccer game early in the day. It poured, but there was fortunately no lightning, so they game went on. We won 2-1. I had one sick one-timer to my bro from the opposite end of the field. I was a bit damp for the rest of the day.
In the coming afternoon I went over to Nelson’s once again, this time for an English project. We were taping various scenes from various books we’ve read throughout the year, adding in a few nice touches, including a lawnmower and me jumping off porches. Good times, good times.
Much later I thought I had tickets to the Count Basie concert back at the Fraze. Unfortunately I left them in my Saxophone case. Idiot. My mom decided she’d try to mooch us in, and by some miracle the band room was unlocked. So I grab the tickets and we hurry over to the concert. We saw Zac there and an open… row… next to him. Very good band. After the show I convinced my mother to go to Starbucks, where we saw the tail end of the Poor Devils set. Also a very good band. I suggest you check them out. I can honestly say it was one of the best nights with my mother in a very long time. Odd.