Livin' on the streets.

No movie this Friday, but I still went over to Nelson’s house. And to my surprise he had pulled out his nifty BB gun. So naturally, we had to shoot a few things. I patened the sniper style, but Nelson exemplifies it here perfectly. I didn’t hit a single thing when I wasn’t in the sniper stance, but indeed things were hit. One of us kill a bird I believe. It has yet to be found. After the fun hour below the Ohio River we went roamin’ the streets… to the pet store. Nelson wanted a frog for some reason. I think it concerned an electric current, I’m not sure. But there was one kickass chinchilla there. After poking a few mammals we headed to Friendly’s for some ice cream. By then it was dark, so Nelson stole a road construction cone. I would have too, but I already had one, and his parents might be a bit suspicious if I took in the car home.