Welcome to the jungle.

Over the weekend I went camping up at Kelley’s Island on Lake Erie, along with these people. Right when we got there my good friend Patrick bought some type of grow-a-girlfriend. Weird. Anyway, later that night we threw some veggies in the fire… literally. Promptly after dinner it started to rain. Patrick had some problems with his pancho/life saving device, then some more with his chair. Damn son. The next morning I cooked up some eggs, while the other men roughed up some bacon. Well, Todd didn’t do much. We then managed to rent some golf carts, which definately didn’t fare very well with 5 people loaded on. We saw some hippies, then found a nice downhill grade and raced. We beat them, horribly. Anyhow, the morning after (……..) we found some abandoned limestone house or something of that kind. My pedal broke off my bike at this point, so while I glided back to camp to exchange bikes the other men threw rocks at windows. Sweet guys. The next day their was a 5k race which I performed semi-supurb in. Ah, well the weekend did make up a great trip to the lake.