Marathon for nothing: Part 2

I found out right when I returned from Hawaii that my youth group was actually going to particate in the Cancer Foundation’s Relay for Life. Despite the fact I had been traveling for the past 23 hours, it sounded like fun. So at about the time I show up Zac’s just finishing his walk/jog (last lap) marathon. That’d be 52 times around the pond. I walked 20. Anyway, even without my interior design expertise, our group still managed to throw together a nice tent, and we won the award for best decorated. Someone also brought a Playstation, which provided plenty of entertainment via Tony Hawk. In the middle of the night they started blowing up a hot-air balloon. I’m not really sure what they did with it after that, but it was fun to… watch… When morning finally rolled around the crazy pancake lady dished out the goods, with no regard to breakfastal sacrafice. I wasn’t really hungry though, because our tent had been eating doughnuts since 4 AM. I bummed a ride home from Zac as usual, and fell asleep on the way home. (5 minute drive). His dad managed to wake me up by yelling some nonsense at the top of his lungs. I spent the rest of the drive home wondering what he said, then promptly crawled into bed.