Welcome to the rainforest.

It would be pointless to explain my entire trip to Hawaii, but I will tell you it was a great time. The entire family was there, which is a pretty rare occurance these days, but not unapprecaiated. Of course the sisters get the bed while the boys get stuck with the pull-out coach. Hmmm. Not that I’m complaining. It was a pull-out couch in Hawaii, biatch. We went out to dinner every night, mostly because buying food in a Hawaiian supermarket is almost as expensive. Hah, this one person told us about this one time when the turkey ship was late… nevermind. Our condo dealie had a sweet pool and ping-pong table, along with a few more hippies. Along the course of our stay (in no chronological order) we went to South Point, passed a windmill farm, saw a dormat volcano crater, a bush, a nice rainbow, with the peak of Mauna Kea just above the clouds, some flowers, and a very sexy man. We also visited a few different beaches of varying colors. (White, black, and green. Remember those rocks? *coughimagespagecough*). We also took an ATV tour. I was 5 months away from being able to drive. D@^^!!%!