Enter the fist.

Early Thursday morning we left for good old Tennesee, down to the lake so fondly called Norris. The trip down wasn’t bad, as I slept much of the way. After we got everything unpacked and whatnot, it promtply started to pour. All natural disasters out of the way, we had two full days of boating ahead of us. Much of it was spent tubing, which resulted in one of the worst burns of my life. Exposed legs minus sun screen doesn’t equal happiness. Others attempted to ski, with not much success. I had a killer wipeout on the kneeboard myself. I guess I’m not as good at jumping wakes as I thought I was. There were many children present, myself included. Here we are on a floating “trampoline“. You couldn’t really jump on it. It was entertaining to see a couple of men struggle with it though. Besides all the people, there were also a couple of sweet dogs that roamed the dock to keep me entertained. It was a good time, but it felt good to return to Ohio for good… this summer.