From a deep slumber.

Sometimes lucididty is only a minor step toward insanity. However, in the world today lucididty is more of a convience than a requirement for successful people. Take for instance the Manhatten project. It was a small group of extremely smart people, gathering together under the light produced by the scientists before them, gathering all their ideas in a gargantuen pool of thought, possessed by some supernatural force to create the world’s most destructive weapon to date. Whether the scientists were driven to insanity before they began their research, or during the research itself is still in question. But it is undoubtable the group of distinquished professeurs were blind to their insanity, drunk with the honey of want of the past beings. This happens every day, within your fairy tale life. People lose every grasp they have on reality every day. It is up to you to defend your friends, peers, and acquaintances from the primordial evils that possess that very day and to stand strong against the hands that reach out for their souls. The evils of the past, dare you not look back, have no hesitation in returning in the present. The very fundemental system the country of the United States is laid out upon was created by similar people to those played on like dolls. The very fundementals of this country are corrupt! It is up to you to weed out those blind to the corruption. So when you sleep tonight, dream of a tomorrow without corruption. Then when you wake, remember the past. Remember the dream.