End of an era.

Today was the districts meet for cross country. Because I’m on the JV team my race didn’t really count, but I had to go at 10:00 anyway for some reason. My “race” was at 3:00. Oh well. I ran and ended up about 10 seconds short of a PR and 20 seconds short of my goal. This was my last meet of the year, and I guess I’m sorta dissapointed about the season, but there’s always next year. The few highlights of the meet however… the varsity got 4th, meaning they’ll go on to regionals next week, senior reserve runner Brandon Martell wore my 80s Bally’s fitness hat for the “race”, Justin Thompson shared his dream of being a puma and eating people, and a Delorean was there. And not any Delorean, this was in pristine condition. Tempting to steal, were it not for the fraternity of police sticker on the back.
Anyhow, I’m off to San Jose, CA with the KYC Tuesday through Saturday. Maybe I can fit in an update from the road.