Ballad of the Snow Goblin.

No school on Friday. I just sat around all day. I was dissapointed with myself because I felt like I had just wasted a day of my life. Fortunately Justin called and took Daniel and I to the Columbus Blue Jackets game versus the Thrashers. It was insane. The Blue Jackets played well and won 4-2. Vyborny single handedly earned the fans free chili at Wendy’s with his hat trick. It was ridiculous how many nice hats were on the ice. I spent the better part of the afternoon today preparing my own birthday dinner while my mother baked a rum cake. (Coincidentally, also for my birthday). My uncle got me the Indiana Jones DVD set. (Thumbs up). My parents also promised me cable in my room, which should hopefully result in broadband internet in the room as well. Anyhow, Justin comes callin’ once again at about 8:30 and asks if I want to go to Christopher’s restaurant (oddly enough owned by Daniel’s father) to see some bands. I accepted. It was pretty rad. Five bands/people played acoustic style. No alcohol present, but the second act was pretty damn crazy for the next three, often improvising on harmonica in the middle of other bands songs. I bought their 7″ in grateful appreciation (Spins at 35 1/2, not 45). At the very end Daniel’s brother played, and was commended by the second act. We finally left at 1:45, well past Ohio’s teen driving curfew, ruling out any drag racing we had planned earlier (…). Sure, it was the smokiest place ever, and I’ll probably never get it out of my hair, but it was a good time. Tomorrow Ultimate Frisbee is planned. Excellent. This is a good weekend. But where the hell is my camera?