Secrets of the rosetta stone.

Quite an eventful day today. I had a rather monotonous day at school (but then again, what day isn’t?), but things picked up right after it. I got about 15 minutes early for a dermatologist appointment, during which I had my out of control wart burned/froze off. Yeah, great improvement. Wow. A few hours after that I had a band concert I had to play in for 30 percent of my semeseter grade, so skipping it was out of the question, even with a hole in my middle finger. During the concert I started bleeding profusely. Enough that it bled through the several layers of guaze I was attemping to play saxophone with. Following the portion I had to play in I had to stay for the rest of the concert, which included a performance of Handel’s Messiah. Not too bad I guess, except for the fact that it was the longest thing… ever. Almost 1 1/2 hours of orchestrated treble choir goodness. Meh. This is about the time when I learned my uncle and aunt had just adopted a baby. Wha?! So after the concert we made a quick Kroger run and went over to see the young one, Joan Marie Elizabeth Leary. After a delightful visit we returned home, at which time I had to bake a cake for… math. I made Orange Dutch Cake. Not too bad. Not too good either. I got killer brownies in exchange for it. I finally got to sleep at around 12:45, and got my much needed 5 1/2 hours of sleep.