Vivid colors still acid free.

Well, I returned from Clemson Sunday, but I have been procrastinating as usual. Anyway, it was a pretty good trip. On the way to Clemson we stopped at the Biltmore, which is a turn of the century house built by railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt’s grandson. This place is huge. They also had a winery. Not that that means anything to me… No, it doesn’t. Yes? The next day we traveled on to Clemson. We got the unofficial tour of Death Valley, the football stadium. (Wide angle). That night we went to the Clemson/Duke basketball game. Clemson lost. Not too much else happened. Saw a tree, sunset, and a flower. Exciting! It was a long drive home, which I managed to tolerate while lulled into a comatose state. Tree, tree, tree, tree, cow, tree, tree, tree.