Clumps afloat in Nesquick.

Why, this man seems to think he can fly. No school today because of snow. Now I can watch The Price is Right, at last! A number of times The Price Is Right has come on in US History prior to watching a film, yet the teacher always seems to change the channel quickly. Suspiciously quickly. Do you think he dislikes old people? Maybe he’s always supported age discrimination. Or perhaps he has a dark past somehow connected to The Price Is Right. Is it possible that he was old Rod Roddy? Is it possible that Bob Barker has always held a secret grudge against the jovial announcer with a booming sound box. Was Bob unable to dress himself, and had to rely on a personal assistant to do it for him, who perhaps refused to dress him in the flashy clothes that Rod always wore, and therefore arranged Rod’s feigned death? Perhaps Rod was just drunk enough in his own madness to get his teaching degree in less than 1 month, and in the process lose 30 pounds? Was his anger so great, as to assume the role of Bob’s precious personal assistant just to drag the fragile old man that is Bob Barker out into the alley? To challange him to a fight he knows he cannot turn down? Is his anger SO great as to attack the defenseless old man, pummel him to a lifeless pulp, tie him to the back of his own Cadillac DeVille with his upper intestine, just to satiate his need to see the old man suffer? Would he go as far as to drag Bob through the mire, tainting any respect any man has ever had for anyone, then set the man on fire, his ashes flying into the firey sky, then floating back to the cold earth so slowly, oh so slowly? Something to think about my friends, something to think about.