Theology of ideologies.

I return yet again from abroad, bringing you plenty of pictures with meaningless commentary. Being not one to beat around the bush, or bush around the beat, I was quite surprised upon arrival. I was rather shocked when I realized that I was, in fact, in Nassau, not in New York, but in the Bahamas! Needless to say this was quite a pleasant surprise at the time, but the painful sunburns that would result tend to make me think otherwise… During our lounging time, the ever social parents (mother) met up with this man named “Action” (Christened Whinfield Morley by his parents). The next day we took a ah hem…. unethical boat ride. You might wonder what such a man does for a living. Well, to be concise, during the day he picks up women, and during the night he puts on fire/limbo shows for hotels. Wow. He’s probably one of the craziest people I’ve ever met, and is probably one of the happiest at the same time. I’m sure he has some kind of dark secret (like 262 illegit children maybe…?). There was a local golf course. It probably had the best sand traps I’ve ever seen… This local was very inspiring. I’m sure you can get some kind of deep life lesson from a dog with a sandy nose at any rate. Thoreau could, if anything. Anyway, I think I’ll wrap this up. I shall sign off once again, gracefully allowing the beautiful sunset take center stage as I slip into the shadows of my resting place, my place among the linen, down, and crab.