Rebuttle in the button hole.

Daniel made the inquiry, but it was I who took action. We went to the Attic venue to see The Bonneville perform. The usual, Ryan, Kevin, D Mik, Ryan, and Nick. Of course it would not be the nature of the Attic to be without a following of crazy kids as well as the normal ones that come for the live music. There is an entirely different gathering in between sets where the giant strobe attempts to give as many people seizures as possible. Here’s an odd one. He’s spinning two glow sticks on strings in rapid motion. Wow. And certainly one must not forgot the presence of Watson in addition to Daniel (warning shirt?). The following band was described as ultra emo Incubus, so we decided to jump on it and get out. Finding ourselves roaming the streets at such an early hour we started to scheme. Or I did, rather. Daniel suggested inviting ourselves over to Justin’s house (he was hungry), which I certainly obliged him by going over to Justin’s. Upon arriving Daniel and I spent an awkward moment of silence together in the car ourside of the house, fairly clueless on our next move. Upon careful consideration, I relayed my scheme to Daniel. We were to park in front of Justin’s house, walk to Speedway, and call Justin to come pick us up. Well, countless 1980s songs and 3.4 miles later we finally make it to speedway, by which time it is near 11:15. Taking a chance, I call Justin’s home phone since Daniel can’t seem to remember his cell. His mom picks up… I just ask for Justin. When the phone was handed off I promptly went into OD mode. After a couple confusing minutes I had established that Justin was to drive my car to Speedway, since it was apparently parked in front of his house and had the keys in the glovebox. I found it hard not to laugh. Justin is apparently with one of his lady friends at this time, but comes to Speedway anyway NOT in my car, defeating the entire purpose. (Was there a purpose?!) We got coffee. We drank coffee. Confusion settles, toe bleeds, people are returned to rightful automobiles. Minds are left intact.