The sky falls in an instant.

Spring weather is awesome. A very action packed night this Saturday. Justin, Daniel, and I, attended the Koncert for Kids… or something. The point is, I was angry it cost $8, and the strobe light from hell was present. On the up side, Civilize Saturn played. They were rad, as usual. Brian sang… kinda. He apologized after, which amused me. He was very upset that Brandon Huffman stole his Cicada dedication idea. Then there was the ever pleasant Bonneville. They added bridges to many of their new songs, and Kevin sang a lot more. Pretty impressive. Daniel thinks R Kelley is impressive. After making the mandatory stop at Ovonic for some silliness, Justin departed and Daniel and I went on to Bill’s Doughnuttery. They are excellent doughnuts. Daniel agrees. Upon leaving Bill’s, Daniel insisted on taking a picture of someone’s dog they had left in the parking lot. I think he blinded it and/or killed it. He will be missed.