Draining the waste of time.

The yearly camping trip to Kelley’s Island was preceeded this year by a trip to Cleveland, in order to witness the Unicorns. It was grand! Except for the techno-rap we had to wait through. They are silly, indeed. After that, we were set for camping. We got ridiculously hungry along the way, unfortunatey we didn’t have time to stop. Daniel didn’t seem to care however, we were on a ferry. While on the island, a fair amount of craziness occured. Needless to say, I don’t think the locals enjoyed us very much, especially when Daniel decided to make… friends with them… Later on, while shopping for bait we encounted a man simply known as… Dewey Officer Dewey, who said to us in a soft, blissful, seductive, half-retarded whisper, “NIGHTCRAWLERS?! THAT MACHINE GIVE YA TROUBLE?! IT DON’T DISPENSE…. THEM”. We then proceeded to fish at the highly secret Horseshoe Lake. Daniel got really into it. On the last day, after watching Smarty Jones lose, we paid another long awaited visit to Dewey at his golf cart rental shack. Following a spandunctious conversation discussing bait and carp we somehow ended up driving a golf cart around, even though you must be 18 to rent one. Apparently he thought we were 21 upon first sight, and because we liked fish so much he decided to just sign a cart out in his name and let us drive it around for an hour (barring any major accidents, for free). Daniel was choosen to drive, and decided it would be fun to see how close we could get to tipping. Todd tried a neutral drop to peel out, but instead just put it in reverse and destroyed a couple gears. Unfortunately we picked the worst possible time to take our joyride, as the parents were downtown waiting to leave for the ferry… But it was a joyous joyride nonetheless. It was an excellent trip, full of snakes, fishes, fires, and Dewey.