The failure to equalize pains me.

Despite leaving the hometown with a fever of 102.2, we were not deterred on our flight to Portland, Maine. Portland is actually a rather interesting place, complete with forts and lighthouses, which no great city is complete without. Well, unless the city isn’t in New England. Anyhow, we didn’t go to Portland just to sighsee, no, in fact Portland was only a stepping stone on our way to Acadia national park. We drove a good three hours to Mt. Desert Island, fortunately my sickness allowed me to sleep most of the way. One morning we decided to wake up at four a.m. to witness the sunrise. Apparently Cadillac Mountain on this island is the first place on the east coast where you can witness the sunrise, however the people from Nantucket may disagree.

Now, this was no leisure trip. This trip was to consist of hiking, biking, and kayaking. With my sickness, I wasn’t really up for any of them, but good money was paid for it so, by george, I hiked, biked, and kayacked. Some people even decided to swim off of Isle au Haut, which was rather ridiculous because the water temperature was only about 53 degrees! Also on Isle au Haut, there are some rather pretty rocks. Beyond that, there are a few houses and a lot of trees. While in Bar Harbor I saw Spiderman 2, which happened to be the second movie I have seen in about a year. It was okay. Not worthy of my cinema virginity, but okay.

Don’t let the photos decieve you, Maine is not a very hospitable place. Most days it only got up to the 60s, with clouds abound left and right. The locals proclaimed a late start to summer, but I don’t plan on visiting Maine again very soon. I hear Bangor is kickin’ though!