The rapture dwells on the horizon.

School starts Wednesday, and I couldn’t be any more angry. Ok, I’m not really angry at all. Looking back on the summer, it seems so short, but June seems so long ago. I think this summer’s travels were perfect. They weren’t too long, they weren’t too short. Work this summer hasn’t really been hard, just time consuming, but it is certainly worth the effort to earn some money. I’ve made quite a few big purchases this summer, all which I could live without. But I figured I might as well spend the money now when I don’t have a house and car payment. I’ve bought a new stereo for the celica, a DVD burner, a MD player and mics, and more recently a new digital camera, whose price will be offset by the iPod I should be recieving. All in all, I still have over 1k safely deposited in the bank. This summer was different from other summers for a few reasons.

-I wasn’t traveling for half of it.
-I worked for most of it.
-I played a huge amount of frisbee golf
-I started collecting circulating coins again
-I got serious about running

About cross country, I regret missing a month of conditioning in June for summer P.E., but it was unavoidable. Its hard to watch people I was beating last year run right next to me, but since my times have improved from then, I don’t mind as much. I should be in the 18s for the start of the season, and I can work from there, instead of from the 20s last year.

So henceforth starts another year of school. Its hard to believe I am already a junior. This year I may have to stop playing sax in the school band, I just don’t have room in my schedule. The scheduling process is suprisingly constricting. I now have to drop band for a required class that is cake. I wouldn’t mind, if dropping band didn’t mean I could no longer be in the jazz ensemble. I love the jazz ensemble, just not the concert band. Euh, decisions are tough.