On a keelboat bound upstream.

The year is flying. But I’ve still managed to stop a few times and notice how beautiful it is outside right now. I love the autumn season. The air is crisp, but a long sleeve tee-shirt is enough to keep me warm. The air is smells like autumn, and leaves are changing colors. The only thing keeping me in check is the realization that fall leads to winter, when Persepone returns to the underworld and Demeter returns to depression. It’s easy to look at things in black and white during the winter months, but I know that school and friends will keep things interesting.

On the cross country front, Vanessa broke the school’s girl’s record for a 5k race with a time of 18:06. Nothing short of amazing. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a girl run a race in the 17s, but I wouldn’t put it past her. Tiny has entered the realm of the sub-18 minute 5k recently. Certainly commendable. Next year’s team is looking pretty good, especially after the bleak outlook we had after losing 6 Varsity seniors last year. Jonathan may still get into the 16s this year, great for a first year cross country runner.

My sister Lauren came up this weekend to watch Alex play football against Centerville, then watched me run at the Firebird Invitational. I ran an 18:40, not dissapointing myself at all. She also put this sign in our front yard. My mother wasn’t too happy. I’m not touching these politics right now. I find it hard to support either of the candidates. I know there are more than two, but our two party system ensures that no other has any chance. I don’t think people under 18 should be allowed to vote, but it puts me on edge to think that other people are voting for a person who has the ability to send me to war during their four years in office. Growing up, it’s tough. I wouldn’t trade it, though.