Hey, let's get known.

Check out the images page for a nifty new box with the videos I’ve posted here, including a brand new video, entitled “The Search for The Boll-Weevil”. It’s rather exciting. It’s also 14 minutes, so check the sucka out.

Ran an 18:30 something today at league. Not bad. Beat the seventh varsity runner, unfortunately there were two JV runners in front of me. Crappy day to run. Windy, cold, and wet. Bah.

Going up to Columbus with Justin to see the Decemberists tomorrow, with Apollo Sunshine. It should be very good. We’re gonna play some killer frisbee before if the weather cooperates. The Unicorns are coming in November. A Wednesday night in Columbus… not sure if I can get away with this one… but damn, I need to witness the magic that is the Unicorns again!