If we work real hard we can buy…

Played some killer frisbee, as promised. It was a killer course on a killer dam. Well, maybe not on the dam, but close enough for it to be entitled the dam frisbee golf course. The Decemberists show was fantabulous, I must say. Daniel, you definately missed out on Apollo Sunshine, who was spectacular. Made it back by 11 o’clock, but I still had half a paper to write, so I ate some teabags and settled in to a deep comatose state, staring at the computer’s glow.

Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely NBA exibition game at UD Arena. Labam was there, but some people actually played basketball while we were there. Oh yeah, and Moondog was there too. Good times… Welp, I’ve had my yearly alotted dose of NBA. It was fun, see you next year.