Simple complexities and the like.

Went to the state cross country meet last weekend. It was rather impressive, if I say so myself. Check out this pano I made of Scoito Downs. The energy there is fantastic. I got myself a press pass and got to go anywhere, unlike everyone else who was confined to the grandstands. The boys race went pretty much as predicated. The frontrunners were Levi Fox and Jeff See, with Jeff See winning by a pretty good margin this week. In addition to that, Middletown took the team title as well. They’re good. Vanessa got fifth. Splendid!

I finally managed to dig up some old photos I took for the Flyer of Justin, Daniel, and Tim playing frisbee. There are some good action shots, some good… not action shots. Then there’s this one. Creepy, to say the least.

My birthday was Wednesday. I got Pokemon. Since then, not much has happened, except a lot of Pokemon. Daniel “pretended” to have pneumonia this week so he could stay home to play his pokemon game. Jerk. What else? Oh yeah, I kind of broke the big screen TV downstairs. I didn’t really, but it fried while we were playing Super Smash Brothers. The upside is that it was a total loss. Somehow the chip fried, so we (I use the term “we” liberally) bought a new one yesterday. No crappy Mistubishi this time, we went Sony. We also got a free X-Box for buying the television. Considering we didn’t even know that offer was going on, I was pretty stoked. I plan on taking advantage of the 2 month X-Box live trial after buying Halo 2. Oooooh yeah.