Symbolic symbiotic systems.

Holy cow! So much is happening right now. One thing that isn’t happening is sleep. I should really start doing that again.

My birthday earlier in the month was attended by a number of foreign dogs, included Rachel’s Pheobe and Lauren’s Scubers, who seemed to have a problem with… excretions.
Over Thanksgiving break my dear uncle was in town. His family commandeered the basement area for about a week. Their kid is nearing the one year mark, so we celebrated her birthday by eating frozen ribs (though we did defrost and warm them). Thanksgiving itself was enjoyable, except for oversleeping in the morning and missing the 8k race we paid good money to run in. I had a good excuse though. We were playing poker the night before. We were only playing with nickels, dimes, and quarters, but somehow my uncle came close to losing $90 during one game of In Between. Fortunately for him, he won it all back in the next hand, much to my dismay. I probably would have bet the pot on a low ace-high ace and gotten another ace… Hell, it’s happened before in that basement, and I don’t think $180 is worth the chance.
The day after Thanksgiving found Nelson and I rolling toward Kenosha, Wisconsin to watch the Midwest Footlocker Regional meet. We probably spent about 10 hours each playing pokemon. It was a long drive. We ended up staying in the same hotel as Vanessa and Kelsey, whom we enjoyed a number of delicious and warm cookies with at 8 p.m. Kelsey did not heed my warnings about the skim milk, however, and got sick. Nonetheless, the race must go on, even if Kelsey must squat to watch in order to make the pain go away. Ooookay….. It was cold, wet, and extremely muddy on the course. Vanessa did swell, but not swell enough to advance to the Footlocker finals. Levi Fox on the other hand, immediately jumped out in front … as usual. And Jeff See overtook him in the closing of the race … as usual. Two guys from our cross country region took first and second at the Midwest Footlocker. Wow. They even beat this guy named Mohammad.