Capriciously commendable!

Check out the images page for a couple new videos. Yes, a couple new videos. One is Nerd Fest ’04, which actually had WAY over our limit for girls, but turned out okay anyway. The other video is a silly film we made for Daniel’s sociology class.

Now hear this!
We have a DVD with all these films on em, plus another THRILLING video called “The Nature’al” (Aka “The Joys of Nature, For Children”). This puppy’s over 15 minutes long and jam-packed with animal-filled adventures everyone is sure to love. Yeah… so the DVD is titled 2 Much Dan and Ben 4U and features 5 short films and some random original “music”. Total running time of 47:53. Now that IS 2MUCHDANANDBEN4U! OMG! Check er out! Only $3 + S&H for people I like! Or anyone! HAH! (Daniel knows what I’m talking about).