Valley of the sun.

The short trip to Phoenix went well. I kind of like it there. It was cloudy most of the time, but I guess its pretty normal for winter to have clouds for a few days… a year. Due North, Flagstaff, AZ had 3 feet of snow. Every night I tried to sleep, this hellian prevented me from doing the dirty deed. Anyway, the purpose of the short trip to Phoenix was so my mother could attempt to finish a marathon before she can’t move anymore. That was done, rather successfully. As for my half marathon escapade, I didn’t too bad. 1 hour 46 minutes or something. It was hard enough finished a half without collapsing, I can’t imagine running a full. Then again, I didn’t train (at all). Oh yeah, and Gonzo ran the half marathon too. I beat him by over 15 minutes. Senator McCain fired the starting gun, apparently without incurring any heart attacks.