Passages narrow, nostrils widen.

Well, we set off for a nice, relaxing day of rafting. But the karma was against us! Immediately upon entering the Sugarcreek River, we encountered some class 4, no probably class 5, rapids. Manuevering through them was no easy task, but being the skilled raftsmen that we are, we managed to survive. We did, however, suffer a minor hull breach, probably caused by a biting salmon that confused our raft with a seal. We had to bail and pump the entire rest of the ill-fated journey downstream. Daniel did his best to combat Scylla, who kept trying to flood our raft by jumping out the river. At one point, I fell out the raft. Daniel held out his paddle for me to grab hold of, unintentionally spraying me with 33 degree F water. Needless to say, I was afflicted with fever, but I did not succomb to the consumption. We traveled around 20 more miles downstream. After the city unwittingly opened the Sugarcreek floodgates, however, we were forced to abandon ship. We caught up with the deranged vessel one mile and 10 minutes later. It had run aground after being tossed by the class 6 rapid “Roostertail“. It was certainly a forgettable expirience from a master raftsmen standpoint, but nevertheless, I will never forget it.