Someone's sojourning in a valley.

For Spring Break, the family trudged off to St. Croix. This beautiful isle is located among the US Virgin Islands, right next to St. Thomas. We visited St. Thomas to see my mother’s partner and my brother’s partner… err… girlfriend. They happened to be breaking in St. Thomas at the same time as we in St. Croix. I found St. Thomas to be quite inhospitable. The people there were mean, probably because of all the people that live there. I found the emptiness of St. Croix quite relaxing. This St. Croix canine surely agrees. During our stay, we managed to find a nice boat to sail and snorkel upon. We also managed to spot a rarity in the Caribbean… a sugar mill! Ok, so they really aren’t that rare… But this gypsy couldn’t find one, and we had to point her in the right direction. I spotted a rare lime-green hatchback. Perhaps the most striking this about the island was the flora and the fauna. They are striking in that they are both extremely ugly, and probably smelly. I didn’t try to find out. Oh yeah, they had red dragons. too. I defeated it easily. +4 mana.