From an airplane across the Pacific.

Next in the series of long past due updates, Hawaii! I blame my postal retardation on this nasty feller. His gamut of color caught me completely off guard, inducing me into a lengthy coma, from which I have just awakened. And naturally, this website is my first priority. As for Hawaii, we spent our first week on the Big Island. We spent a lot of time driving, but a lot of time taking breaks from driving as well. We drove to a number of places, including a return visit to the green sand beach. Now thats some radiant ovaline! We attempted to drive up to the volcano’s crater, but we were thwarted by recent lava flows and active vents. Determined to see a volcano, we rushed to the center of the island. Since the entire island was formed by volcanos, we figured any increase in elevation must lead to a volcano. We got some great views of the world’s largest volcano Mauna Loa at an abandoned cattle ranch house. We knew we must be getting close to the summit when we spotted the rare silversword. Alas, when we reached the summit we were extremely dissapointed to learn that the mountain we had just scaled is completely dormat. I guess that explains the numerous billion dollar telescopes, then. Slightly bummed by the lack of lava, we retreated some 10,000 feet to the ocean, where we met Richard Prior and sipped numerous mai-tais.