Down the tonic, murder the cynic!

Yes, yes, I know. It has been quite a while again. But I have once again been preoccupied with my dangerous adventures. My most recent adventure… homecoming. Daniel, Katie, and I went to Lincoln Park to check out the action there. When we saw how many people were there getting pictures taken, we decided to set up camp. Pikachu had never been to homecoming before, so he tagged along. Everyone seemed pretty distraught about going to homecoming, so we offered them the opportunity to spend the night with us in our campsite, complete with refreshments and Teddy Grahams, but not even Tyler was to be persauded with food. It was obvious that we would have to try something else to lure these fools away from diving blindly into the homecoming trap. Daniel came up with the fantastic idea of using Katie as bait. Turns out only Tyler took the bait, but I guess losing a Katie isn’t too bad of a sacrifice if we can save a Tyler from an almost certainly un-fun time at the homecoming dance.

The aftermath included a trip for pizza at Figlio at 10pm with Kelsey and much Dimmu Borgir.