Iced up and goose down.

SKi trip!!!!

Alright, this trip was so long ago, it has long faded into the deepest realms of my mind. But I’ll relate what I can for the benefit of prosperity.
I recall Gladstone getting some serious airtime, but for some odd reason I cannot remember him landing that jump. I’m sure he must have landed somehow, because he did not continue to ascend… perhaps the word “land” is too stong of a word.
I also recall scaling a mountain on a very foggy day. I have photographic evidence that Treece did in fact save Robinson from falling a few thousand feet. Dare I say it… white man’s burden?
Finally, I recall both Watson and Dusty exibiting their pedofile faces, though I don’t recall who exibited the rest of their body.

Maybe the Martin Nation will be able to clear some of these mysteries up for me.