It is a sugar creek and I'm diabetic!

[Excerpt from extended log dated 19/1/2006 follows]

Captain Daniel and I once again have braved the treacherous swollen waters of the Sugar River. The rafting trip was much too perilous to dictate in detail, but please rest assured that we both survived the expedition with only minor injuries. Though I regret to report the experimental chimp on board the craft, Frazzles LePomade Dupont, did not fare as well. Crude manual examinations of Frazzle’s pulse left open the posibility of some form of life remaining under his withered tissue, which was once ripe with pleasant chimpiness. However techinial examination in the form of multiple electrocadiograms has confirmed that Frazzle has indeed passed on to chimp heaven. He will be missed. His ever present, if not slightly inane, optimism just simply will not be replacable… by none other than Cocoa, that monkey that does sign language! We look foward to welcoming Cocoa on the next rafting expedition, and we hope his ability to communicate via sign language will make him a lot more interesting than Frazzles, whom we’ve nearly already forgotten.
Despite the peril of the expedition, we were able to pull ashore for a few shots of the crew. Trading cards available soon:
Captain Daniel
Longshoresman Ben
A large carp we landed
(We threw her back on account of her being gravid).