Pharmacists are cheaper in Southgate.

Last week I saw Of Montreal… alone. Well, there were probably 300 other people there and it was amazing, but I was amongst strangers since Daniel fell ill or whatever. Determined to see another show at Southgate House without feeling like a loser, I asked around to see who would be going to the Ted Leo concert… and yes! Jonathan was to come with me, and Matt, Chris, Andrew, Alex, and a couple girlfriends would be there as well. Glorious. Apparently there was some confusion at the door as Alex’s girlfriend seemed to have picked up the incorrect ID when leaving her house… (she was under 18). The gate keepers threatened to call the cops if she tried to get in again, so she went and saw a movie while Alex rocked out to Ted.
The opening band Les Aus was awesome and from Spain. The other opener was from England and not so hot. But finally, it was time for Ted. The show was spendid. It was maybe the highest energy show I’ve been too, but I was of course front and center. I spoke with Ted for a few fleeting moments during the show, while Andrew claimed to have been hit with Ted’s excess saliva. It was overall a very successful night, as I also made it home without falling asleep at the wheel.