Running for rather suspect reasons.

Nope, not a marathon this time. Only half of the distance in Indianapolis, actually. I was seeded into corral B out of Z, so I figured I ought to at least try. A ton of people run this race. 27644 people actually finished this race, of which I was finisher 1360 with a time of 1:36:48. That’s in the top 5%, so I guess I’m pretty happy. Who knows how many people started the race and didn’t actually finish, though. I lost count. We ran a lap around the Indy 500 track. It was the longest lap of my life. Over two and a half miles, actually. I really started feeling some sluggishness around mile 9 or so, but I pressed on and finished. I earned a nice shiny medal with a spinny thing in the middle, which goes very nicely with my shiny Las Vegas medal with a spinny thing in the middle.

Let the bidding start at $20.