Retroactive respondance: rusty but right

Ah, it’s been quite a spell since we’ve returned from Kelley’s Island, but it was once again a very tumultuous adventure. The story starts off innocently enough; Daniel and I enter a friend fruit barn along an Ohio state route. We checked the fruit for poison before devouring it, of course, but we were not ready for their razor-toothed gamma ray, which rendered us completely helpless. Just when I was sure we were going to be part of tomorrow’s mince meat pie, a friendly giant lumbered up and freed us from the gamma ray. His name was Bogart. Very friendly. As it turned out, way too friendly. He just wouldn’t leave us alone. Not that we didn’t like him, just its hard to run a successful espionage mission on a 5 by 2 mile island with a giant following you around. Fortunately, Daniel knew the shrinking curse on my new Porta-sound, so we could keep Bogart with us. We would need a decoy sooner or later, anyhow.
That time came just 25 hours later, on the Erie breakwater. Daniel and I were innocently fishing the waters for survival, when an empty hook was devoured by this tremendous snapping turtle. The turtle tried to pull Daniel into the lake , presumably to eat. Fortunately, we had trusty Bogart to offer to the turtle as an alternative sacrifice. He dropped the line and fled, as did we. We made a solemn promise never to fish the dangerous waters of Lake Erie ever again. And the next morning this Sheepshead jumped out of the water into Daniel’s hands while he was throwing away his fishing equipment. I didn’t believe it at first either, but Daniel showed me his two hands, and they definately smelled like suicidal fish. So we ate the fish and Bogart and the snapping turtle and a Lake Erie Water Snake and rented a golf cart for 11 hours and drove home.