Kids controlled by Canadian companies

Tiny has worked at Tim Horton’s all summer. He said he’ll probably work there next summer, too. But for now, last night was his final night working the night shift. So we decided to pay him a visit. Did you know Tim throws away all his food at 3am? That’s a great time to be loitering. Daniel, Mark and I met up at 2. Not that Tim Horton’s is an especially terrifying establishment, but at times at can be truely haunting. Ryan came and went, citing a past due curfew.

Nelson and Brian walked in at around 3. We skipped out for a few minutes for some intense bassage to Shaq Diesel in Nelson’s Ford. All those tight ryhmes really got Daniel hot… but not nearly hot enough to do Shaq Diesel any justice. So in his infinite wisdom he takes hold of a nearby Skyline Chili hot sauce packet and does his very best to make it explode. He fails for quite some time. We were begininng to think that the premisises were protected by some Canadian curse, until… Tiny, someone made a mess over here… Daniel had the courtesy to share the hotness with the rest of us. Man, that Shaq Diesel smell WILD!