Collating captures at college.

The Battle

Tiny: Hey Daniel, get over to to Starsbuck right now and battle my pokemon!
Daniel: You fucking moron, I’m sitting right next to you. And you have my phone.
Nelson: He’s a baby back bitch. I’m allowed to wear this hat because I already have a girlfriend.
Tiny: Hey Pritchard, poison has no effect on Marowak! Looks like you’re the moron in this Poke-battle!
Daniel: IT DOES TOO!!!!!
Tiny: Look, I will bet the Porygon2 that I stole from you on it. I’m a poke-master, and I know EVERYTHING about pokemon.
Daniel: FINE, DEAL.
….. battle!!!
Tiny: Oh shit! Black magic!
Daniel: I told you, you togepi toting poke-fraud! (Rips badges off Tiny’s battle jacket)