Bottling butane before de-boarding.

If you thought our night at Starbucks was magical, you haven’t even seen pixie shit.

Upon coordinating a trip to Planet Smoothie to use my half dozen or so remaining “VIP Cards” we decided to continue the experience over at the Flower Factory. Which coincidencely does not sell flowers, so whatever you were just thinking, forget about it. A membership is required to shop here, and no sooner did I walk into this magical superstore was I summoned out by Tiny and Sarah, who decided to get stranded in Centerville. From this point forward, Tiny was to be regarded as my one and only true rival.

Later that night Daniel attempted to quell my dischauviniquited tempers with some good old fashioned black magic. To make the spell extra potent we added some rubber. Oh yeah, and a couple lighters. Fantastic.
But I will admit… in hindsight… that the can of butane was a poor idea. Soon the events were out of even Sorceror Galahad’s hands.

The only way to stop the inevitable eternal hellfire was to dismantle the constituent spellheathens. And wouldn’t you know it, TINY, my one true rival, pulled through! Spirits tamed, Daniel put the silver bullet in the beasts heart. In this case, water pumped from aquifer pure.

We were all very lucky to make it out with only minor bruises and minimal scarring. We drive over to the neighborhood Steak and Shake to celebrate, where Tiny enchants us with his undeniable charm. But you’re still my rival.

Until next time, Dayton!