Dark Mississippi nights built to spoil.

Weekend recap go!

Friday: St. Louis has a giant balloon race every year. I assume this is common knowledge. Well what you might not know is that they have a spectactular event the night before the race where dozens thousands of balloons waste a bunch of natural gas for the city’s amusment and never actually take off. John, Robin, and I bought some awesome seizure inducing light sabers. That’s right, Daniel. Three, count’em, three LEDs and 6 modes.

Saturday: Don’t remember, exactly. Probably not worth repeating.

Sunday: Dan and I hopped on the highly efficient metrolink train and toked a ride downtown to Mississippi Night to catch Built to Spill and Helvetia live in concert. We met another trio of WashUians there. Doug was sporting an exceptionally gnarly beard. It was pretty well kempt. But honestly, his combination of long hair and male pattern baldness didn’t strike me as especially attractive, or even indie. Anyway, Built to Spill played Randy Described Eternity, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. That was good. Then against our better judgement, we decided to stay for the encore. Heck, the last train doesn’t leave until 12:40am right? Well, technically yes, that is exactly right. But turns out that only goes to Union Station, not even close to WashU. Then we stand on the platform at 12:10 and watch the final train that will even get us remotely close to our res-college pull away thinking another one was coming. Nope. Nothing.
We wander the streets of St. Louis for a few minutes before happening upon a miraciously convienient taxi.
So yeah. Fun times in St. Louis.