No wall space but still plenty of mind space.

I think I like the weekends. They’re especially sweet in St. Louis. I’m doing so much work during the week it feels pretty good to totally blow off Friday and Saturday. Completely. Maybe I should stop doing that. Anyway, the past few weekends have been perilous as usual.

I escaped nearly unscathed. Daniel was not so lucky. This peanut butter required immediate treatment. Unfortunately, he was getting ready for bed (as evidenced by the pajamas) and decided to just try to sleep it off. Bad idea. Since then, he’s been holed up in his room playing Roller Coaster Tycoon recoving.

Andrew had a small unfortunate run-in as well. His injuries, however, were more mental than physical. I’m not going to press the issue since I did sign a confidentiality agreement, so I’ll leave you with that.

Nick completely failed to spit fire. He’s should have known better in the first place since the only people black enough to spit fire are the NBAss Stars… Anyway, end result his hand catches on fire. We all cracked up, kind of like the charred remains of his hand. Robert could do it, thought, on account of his being Saudi Arabian/Canadian.

I hope not to give the impression that St. Louis only brings me peril and unparalleled danger. Yes, the amount of unparalleled danger here is unparalleled, and the peril here is most perilous. But this city is of course a city of extremes. The extreme street walking is extreme. The asian music is extreme. (That’s Asobi Seksu, FYI). The baseball is extreme. Daniel scored tickets to the Mets/Cards NLCS game last night and ended up on national television. Just shows that painting your face will get you ahead in life. He gets off on the Mets.

Speaking of food, can you believe this corn husker had the cajones to make fun of people for degreasing pizza?! A fucking Ceaser salad at a baseball game?!