Let's Lingo, my lovers!

Alright pals, it’s my birthday and I’m living large.

Not much new in StLou. As you might have noticed a new photography page has been added. If I can somehow salvage the broken remains of my/the Albrecht’s old computer I’ll add a lot more pictures to excite your retrospectacocks in the future! But for now you’ll have to live with the my current pictorial adventures.

Which reminds me… I was slapped by a GIANT playing gaga last week. My face still burns. Gotta watch out for those sasquatch. I thought I was safe since St. Louis is prone to earthquakes, but now I know better. There’s even man-monkey baby snatchers. Only one word comes to mind. Of course.

The Gargoyle invited the Blood Brothers and … Trail of Dead to WashU, and everyone was invited! Unfortunately I got caught up in the largest mosh hellpit I’ve ever experienced during the Blood Brothers. The good news is that I ended up in the front through the process of systematization. One more passing note, I get back into Dayton the night of Tuesday the 21st. I plan on seeing Islands in Columbus that night. Is anyone else?