Delayed but not deflowered.

Hey! Drink this koi urea! Oh no? Well then, I suppose you’ll just have to let it slide down your esophagous. Oh c’mon man, all over… now how will we differentiate between the masturbatorium stickiness and the normal bathroom stickiness?120 Days later… a band of Norweigian vandals raise the roof (notice that relic behind him, a korg vocoder). To vanquish the villians the gargoyle prescribed a most preposterous solution: Ratatat. They tried it all, poison to playthings. Not even the practice of sumatran seduction could quell their notoriuous norse bloodlust. At long last the committee finally used their heads and unleased the beasts from faraway lands. I think we all know the magnitude of fear that swells within the Norse upon sight of a Panda. The end result of this most manical mishap was 200 deaf-mutes and one very old drum machine gracing my desk.