Don't forget to eat your bagels!

If you have an hour to waste why not check out the latest episode of my closed circuit television show?! It’s over here. Not much else to report… except that I saw Hulk Hogan on Bourbon Street last week and he hit me in the face with a knuckleball of a plastic bead necklace. The Ultimate Frisbee tournament was alright, we ended up losing to Texas State, which is pretty bad, but they also beat Minnesota and Illinois so I guess they are decent. No tournaments planned for the rest of the month… I think Terminus in Atlanta might be the next one for me, since I’ve got a geology field trip the weekend of the Frostbite tournament. Also on the docket is the halfie version of the St. Louis marathon the first week in April. Anyone is welcome to hitch a ride with Howie and MEL from Dayton if they want to come and run.