Just a little trembly.

I woke up at around 4:35 last night. Something was wrong, but I couldn’t decide what it was. I hadn’t tossed all my covers onto the floor, no giant thunderstorms outside… It can’t be… well… yeah… it must be. Earthquake. A fucking earthquake in St. Louis. Awesome.

I rode surface waves for the next 20 seconds then drifted back off into dream land.

In other news, I saw The Mars Volta last night in concert. I got a free ticket for being on the school music magazine. I arrived 30 minutes late, 30 minutes into The Mars Volta set. There was no opener. They proceeded to play for the next three hours straight. No kidding. I guess that’s not too hard after Omar adds in his 10 minute solos between each verse. It was pretty masturbatory, actually. I only heard two songs I recognized from De-loused in the Comatorium, but I guess I got my money’s worth. My biggest smile of the night came when Cedric picked up a trash can from the floor beyond stage left, walked over to stage right and chucked it into the crowd. Weird guy.