La Follette dans ma verre.

We’re back in La Follette, and the locals better watch out. Sure, the weekend started out pretty tame… but within just a few hours we picked up where we left off. Shit’s dogmania, man. We all had a good time, except for the possible exception of Lee, who fell out of his kayak not once, but twice. But then again, you can’t really expect Lee to remain afloat in a kayak. He is, after all, a little unbalanced. Weird guy, but I like ’em.

Christopher was up to his standard mischief, stealing paddles and playing Marco Polo (at the same time!). Lee was not amused. Watson and his girlfriend came and visited Saturday night. Apparently they were in the area… somehow. Jon and Christopher’s girlfriends made some delicious treats for the weekend. I knew we brought them for a reason (kidding, kidding).

Overall, I’d say it was a very successful weekend. High spirited, just a little bit bizarre, and 100% gangster. And of course, plenty of explosions.